Friday, November 13, 2009

Black and White and Funny All Over

In honor of Friday the 13th, the AdBits camp (me) dug up some freaky throwback commercials. And in true AdBits fashion, added some colorful commentary. Even in the Stone Age cigarette companies were targeting the Bam Bams and Pebbles of the world. What I like about this is not George's stylin' attire or wavy locks (!), but the unnecessarily large Styrofoam case for the burger. Let's hear it for landfills! (Actually back then I believe they were just referred to as "dumps"). I'm sorry, did she say, "you can give your youngsters a lot of pleasure?" That's some word choice barrier we've built in the past several decades. Also, why doesn't anybody have such mad whistling skills these days? I like how Crackle has to dump a cup of sugar on his Rice Krispies before he believes they are good enough to actually eat. I've heard Good and Plentys serve as an aphrodisiac for women. Ladies? True? This would never fly today and that saddens me.

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