Monday, November 2, 2009

Where Can I Get A Pair Of Those Sunglasses?

If you're a lover of commercials like me, I recommend you also become a sports fan. While women are stuck as targets for products with mediocre commercials such as aspirin, weight loss tools, etc., men get the much funnier beer and fast food ads. So when Jim turned on the Viking/Packer game yesterday I did not protest. And the ad gods did not disappoint. Take this little gem for example:

Burger King! Your ingenuity knows no bounds! First, let's acknowledge the (sexy) elephant in the room- Erik Estrada is smokin' hot! Vroom vroom! Chipalicious! Of course, all he adds to the commercial's sex appeal is nullified by Carrot Top's always ridiculous presence. Although he seems to be making some kind of effort in the attractive department. Did he just get back from the University of Beefcake? I know he's been out of the orange tinted limelight for a while, but is that a muscle I see? And... a tan? So confusing! Last I saw he was doing commercials for a phone company, right? Yes! Here it is! Pale Carrot Top uses pay phone! He must have really put the pressure on his agent to get him this gig with Burger King. Working along side Erik Estrada!! Great for the street cred, not so great for the self-esteem! Estrada makes CT look like... ground chuck.

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