Friday, November 20, 2009

Bottoms Up

I feel like I should blog about something vampirey in honor of the New Moon release- a Count Chocula commercial maybe? Or the inexplicable Sunny Delight commercial? I mean, I get it- vampires don't like sun, but I think it's a bit of a stretch from impostor o.j. to a (very unsexy) vampire. In any event, I scheduled my much anticipated New Moon viewing for next weekend and decided to go in a totally different, non-Edwardy direction today.... while still discussing moons in another sense.

I think the toilet paper industry does an impressive job- these ads could really suck. I mean we wipe our butts with their product for heaven's sake. But we've got the cute Cottonelle puppy, the pleasant Charmin bears, and our feature product tonight... Scott tissue! I actually have never preferred Scott. I'm buying generic brand these days and still my hiney finds it cushier than Scott. (Yes, that was a spectacularly weird sentence I hope is never taken out of context). But their commercials are great! Take this one for instance: Naturally I love it because it utilizes phrases I use on a daily basis ("Geez Louise" is soooo underrated!), and as you well know, I have an odd penchant for commercials featuring funny costumes. Scott also has the whispering office employees (get it? Because they're so focused on being soft?) A great commercial, but frustratingly enough- not on YouTube!

Have a great weekend Adbitters- enjoy New Moon, drink Sunny D (with vodka?), and revel in your favorite choice of toilet paper.

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