Saturday, April 17, 2010

What A Hoot!

It seems like the funniest commercials are targeted toward men; probably 90% of the ads I blog about are ones I caught during a sporting event (the other 10% during Biggest Loser of course). Yesterday though, I had the humiliating (but worth it!) experience of busting out in a fit of laughter while on the elliptical at the gym. (Everyone already thinks I'm a spaz I'm sure, as I've been known to cry during Regis and Kelly's mom makeovers). And I have Playtex to thank. Incontinence victims beware: the church/nightclub portion of this commercial is wet your pants funny. Also noteworthy is the chick at second 29. Clearly familiar with the motorboat technique*

Be on the lookout for another commercial Playtex has out regarding the swoob** problem sweeping the nation.

* Unfamiliar with motorboating? Please immediately check out Wedding Crashers; I love you Vince Vaughn, you motorboating sonofabitch.
**"swoobs": short for "sweaty boobs" or "swamp boobs"; cousin to swass.

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