Thursday, April 29, 2010

A New Kind of Shake and Bake

Grilling at the Mitchell household will never be the same again thanks to Weber's new (very timely!) commercial. I can't wait to try some of these sweet moves with the spatula. Dancing with props has never been cooler. So don't be surprised if you see me whipping out a cooking utensil and swatting my behind at the next wedding reception, or when you run into me out clubbin'. (Actually if you see me out clubbin' be surprised, but not because of the spatula).
Molly recently humiliated me in front of a group of moms I did not know. The other sweet little munchkins were dancing innocently in a circle as kids do- jumping up and down, waving arms, etc. My Molly? Starts galloping backwards, butt out, and spanking herself. Apparently I should have sent a casting video to Weber instead of holing up in embarassment.
Before you click on this, stand up, grab the nearest hiney swatter, (no spatula handy? try a ruler, wooden spoon, or rolled up magazine) and get ready to break it down in honor of charred steaks, burgers, and brats everywhere.


Steph said...

Jules, why didn't anyone tell me about this blog ??? Your FB comment just led me here and I am now officially distracted from work, seeing as how I have about a year's worth of posts to read!! I've only dabbled so far, but FUNNY stuff! What a fun idea. I think I need to start watching more commercials now instead of fast-forwarding through them.
Anyway, you're the cuh-cuh-coolest.

Jules said...

I'm glad you likey! It doesn't have the cute factor JJ's blog does, but it's fun. And it's taken my TV watching to a whole new level. Now I can obsess about my regular shows AND what happens in between them! Glorious!
Love, Jooey