Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Never say I'm not eco-friendly! Look at me, all supporting Earth Day by featuring a compostable bag of Sun Chips on my blog. In fact, I'll do ya one better- I'll personally endorse the product! (You owe me big time Sun Chips. An AdBits' endorsement will send sales through the roof. Your 2nd quarter sales are going to be huge- we're talking national deficit huge). Here we go:

1. Sun Chips are healthy. Practically like eating handfuls of multi-vitamins. Critical to those of us working to take off 5 pounds before wedding season.
2. The bags are not only good for Madame Earth, but extra crinkly, giving cranky babies a fun distraction while desperate mommies are shopping.
3. Have you tried the Garden Salsa flavor? Lord have mercy, they are tasty.

Thank you Sun Chips for being green you. Thank you Michigan for having a 10 cent refund on pop cans. Thank you Dora the Explorer for saving the mermaids from a sludge filled ocean on today's episode. Thank you one and all, green AdBits readers!

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