Friday, April 23, 2010

Three Cingular Sensations

I had a glorious flashback today. Three of them to be specific. Do you remember the triplets from the Cingular ads? Of course you do! They reached the zenith of commercial celebrity. That is, they landed a few actual interviews with teeny-bopper 'zines. How do I remember this? Because I was hanging out (this was before high schoolers were "chillaxing") at my friend's house, thumbing through said teeny-bopper rags, when my friend came to an article about the Karshner trips (Nick, Craig, and Ryan- perfect boy band names. Why they never started a band to tour with O-Town is beyond me). So friend wants to kiss all three boys. Their pictures, that is. Since there are three of them, she started with Boy A and slid her face across the page, ending with Boy C. The result? A nasty papercut under her nose.

In researching for this blog entry I googled the Karshner trips (they've made quite a name for themselves in the gay community!) but couldn't find what they're up to these days. Still modeling for Abercrombie? That would be some kind of record- especially since they're 28 now, and I don't think A&F has models over the age of 19. So who knows? They're like the Bobby Fischer of attractive triplet actor/models. But I did find this little blurb on them: Don't want to read it? That's cool- let me just pull out this little bit for you: "The story line of their last commercial that they just finished filming (and which will air this fall) will be about their characters going to college; one of them is heading for a university like Yale or Harvard, and the other two are heading for junior colleges".
Now watch the commercial and tell me if you get the same vibe. Let me just say first that I don't think you will. I think you will find the above quote hysterical, stupid, and quite unfounded. But please, correct me if I'm wrong.

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