Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Putting the PC in PCS

It's high time Metro PCS gets their due. They've always had funny commercials, but the new ad series with Tech and Talk Indians (Ranjit and Chad... obvious choices) is as funny as any talking animal ad I've seen. There was no doubt in my mind the Cavemen TV series spun off from Geico commercials would flop (I think my exact words were, "I'd rather be clubbed in the head than watch this"). But Ranjit and Chad? Now that could be a series. Or a movie. I'm thinking Harold and Kumar meets Anchorman. Who's with me? Oh, you want to see the commercial first? My readers are wise investors!

I'm thinking Will Ferrell or Adam Sandler to play the guy in the tube. Or maybe Russell Crowe, just because I'd like to see him in a tube.

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