Saturday, March 6, 2010

White Is Tiiiiiiighhhht

Is anybody else having Olympic withdrawls? Well, to be fair, I may just be having Shaun White withdrawls. How awesome is he? And not just because of his hot red flo. So I YouTubed this old commercial (so old they reference MySpace! Archaic!) for today's feature presentation. I love these commercials anyway. I mean, hello! If the Flying Tomato, Jay-Z, and Fergie will all vouch for HPs then I'm sold! So I found the ad I was looking for and then! Imagine my delight to find a series of Shaun White commercials for Oakley! Epic! (that's me trying to sound like a snowboarder- they all said that during their Olympic interviews- I'm so hip and cool now thanks to them!)

And here is my favorite Oakley ad. For more golden White commercials check out YouTube- "Shaun White commercial".

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