Thursday, March 4, 2010

Not-So Shining Commercial

Is it not enough that every time a trailer for a horror film comes on I have to drop what I'm doing in the kitchen, sprint all the way around the counter shoving small children to the floor, hurdle the exersaucer, step on the dog, fling decorative pillows to the floor to uncover the remote, frantically push mute and then turn my back to the screen to avoid a night of restless sleep and paralyze-me-in fear dreams? Do I now also have to go through the same rigmarole for regular commercials?

Apparently I do, thank you very much Bing. And they aren't the first; Verizon pulled this crap a while back with their "Dead Zone" ad (featuring the "ok, I was outside and then I came in" Yoplait actress- ann-oy-ing!) There was another spoof on The Shining too, but I'm happy to say I don't know what it advertised because I was able to mute and turn quick enough every time it reared it's spooky head. I'm especially angry about Bing's ad because it has taken me since 6th grade to wash my brain of The Shining; I saw it at a friend's house before I had a spine and could refuse to watch. I viewed the entire movie through the hole of an afghan.

So, spoiler alert: don't watch this ad if you're a giant pansy-fanny like me.

Note: Hmmm... I just read the comments on YouTube for this commercial and nobody even mentions the creepy factor or injuries* suffered from trying to escape this ad. Seriously? Is nobody else as yellow as I?

*stubbed toes, scraped shins, bruised hipbones... not to mention the dog's tail

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