Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stanley Kubrick Does Sprite

Today I saw an ad for "5" gum (which I believe is the Gucci of gum- so sophisticated!) and I totally flashed back to the Sprite commercials from a few years ago! Do you guys remember these? They're very... Clockwork Orange-y. Take this one for instance:

The eyeball is a MOUTH!!! Clearly the Sprite advertising team is smoking some trippy stuff. Not convinced? Sip on this:

It just leaves me so conflicted. I mean, Sprite was always such an innocent soda. It was the children's beverage at every social event I attended in my youth. Caffeine-free so we didn't go nuts (coulda just waited a few years and watched their lobotomy-esque commercials), and clear so we wouldn't stain our fancy clothes or carpet. But now! It's a drink represented by weird guys performing seemingly psychotic tests and even weirder guys snapping their fingers angrily at viewers. All that's missing are the Oompa Loompas.

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