Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring It On

Today I woke to birds chirping outside my window- glorious! Another tell-tale sign that Spring may be here? Most the snow in our yard is gone, leaving a field of dog piles that hid in the snow all winter long. So, I grabbed the shovel and headed outside to rid the yard of the poop. (Readers, try not to be jealous of my ultra-glamorous life). Molly wanted to help, but I told her she couldn't walk on the grass (it was hard enough dodging the dung by myself, let alone steering her clear of it all). She asked several times to help and finally she hung her head sadly and said, "Mommy, when will I be old enough to pick up poop?" I'm happy to be documenting this story because I will undoubtedly need to use it someday when the time comes to pass the shovel.

"But what about a commercial Jules? Give us an Ad Bit!" Fiiiiiiine! How's this for timely: Red Robin! Their commercials are always cute, their onion rings are on the brink of lunacy (talk about glorious- they come on a stick!), they're named after the Michigan state bird, but more than anything I love their jingle. "Red Robin- yummmmm". Whomever came up with that was either an idiot or a genius. I'm going with genius.

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