Thursday, January 21, 2010

Staples Savings Silliness

This gentleman is a great actor. I love him because he could be my Daddy's brain. Daddy would never behave this way in public, but I'm pretty certain this is what's going on in his head when he gets pumped about low prices. Mama of course would grab the closest fellow shopper and encourage him or her to stock up on the great deal. Me, I just pee my pants in excitement over the thrill of ink cartridges running 5% cheaper.

But don't worry, the Easy button seems to still be alive and well. I'm hoping they re-air this back-to-school beauty this summer. Booger. Funny. The boys in my class used to spell boobs. And ok, maybe I did too- but just to see if it worked on my calculator too! (And it did. It's 80085 if you want to plug it in (and I know you do)).

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