Friday, January 22, 2010

My Kind of Diet

Who else saw this commercial and figured it was a parody? Hands? I love you Taco Bell; you serve a crucial, critical, desperate purpose, but it is not to help the people of America lose weight. Notch-o another one up for comic relief though- even if it was unintentional. Thank you too, for the obligatory disclaimer: "These results are not typical". Right. I'm pretty confident they're atypical unless you are currently enjoying twelve chalupas a day. In any event, I fully support Taco Bell and the people who delight in its menu, so if they want to give this a go(rdita) I will only blog about it's ludicrousity this one time. And should they bring back my beloved chili cheese burrito, I vow to delete this post and sing their praises from now until forever.

Ta-taco for now!

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