Monday, January 18, 2010

Funky Poodle Silly Words

I was semi-interested in the Vikings/Cowboys game yesterday (I was in a competition to win a football though. A football! So naturally I was watching the game.) I didn't win the football, but there were some A+ commercials on. My favorite though was not a newbie, but one I just hadn't seen in some time. Dirty mouths are funny. Also awesome? The words lint-licker, cootie queen, and kumquat. I say we initiate a movement to incorporate these silly-mcbilly words into our everyday vocabulary! Who's on board? Ad Bitters unite!

A little reminiscent of the Bud Light ad, no? Naughty words in the workplace are noodle-petunia funny!
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Gretchen said...

Oh! I love these commercials! :) Bad words that don't sound like bad words are fantastic!