Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WWW Wednesday

Whine:  How did I let myself run this low on diapers?!  I probably expected it to be sunny again today and figured I'd just zoom out, happily donning my sunglasses, sun roof wide open.  I wonder how long A can stretch these last couple diapers?  Or maybe this is a sign that today is potty training day #1?  Forget it.  I'll just run out.
Wish:  One week from this moment I'll know the sex of my New Baby.  Big wishes for a healthy munchkin, obviously.  Also wishing I don't wet my pants before I get there- moms, do you remember having to drink all that water before the ultrasound?  Torture!
Woo-hoo!  This is my 400th post!  For the fun of it, I took a look at Ad Bits' most popular "tags."  Here are the top five, starting with the most common:
1. Commercial (um, good- I guess I'm staying on task at least a little)
2. WWW Wednesday
3. Target
4. Geico ("four your money!")
5. Sister Wives (a surprising twist!  Five must be their lucky number... you know, because there's five of them in their marriage?)
Things start tying up after that.  Honorable mentions go to: "wedding," "swagger wagon," and "snickers."


Nicki Woo said...

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Your post is great. And I'm really hype about finding out the baby's sex. You are going to tell me right?

But anyway. Enough of that. On to more pressing matters. You were all "Why didn't I follow you on FB sooner?" And I was all "Yeah. Why not?" And then I remembered you asking me one time if I had a button. And I did not. But never did it once occur to me that you had one. Durrr. Why didn't IIIIIIII, realize that sooner. So now your button is up on my blog, and I hope both of the people who visit my blog push on it all day and come by and visit you, cause I love you sooooo much. And that little adbits too. I love that kid too! And those other too adbits that are already here. Love them too. Them are cute. I'm stopping now.

Nicki Woo said...

I really wanted to stop. But I couldn't because I made a flagrant spelling error. The other "two" adbits. Sorry. I realize you currently have TWO kids. Not TOO kids.

Jules said...

Maybe TOO many kids!? I didn't even catch your flagrancy! I was sitting here focusing on what I thought was another typo: "both of the people who visit my blog." Then I realized it was a JOKE! Funny funny Nicki- you totes got me!

THANK YOU for the button love! I cannot tell you how COOL I feel!! Am I crazy? Do you have one now? I'll put it up on Ad Bits, I will, I will!

Oh yes, there will be word on the gender of the baby. I have way too big a mouth for secrets. I do need to keep it zipped for a couple days until I tell my fam (it's a whole thing we're doing- I'll prob blog about it) and then it's BLAB city! Although I'm quite certain it's a girl and will need your expertise on having 8,000daughters. I should have emailed all this- it's a bit long for a comment, no?

Joel said...

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