Monday, May 2, 2011

Man Down

When I logged into Blogger this morning I saw I was down one follower.  Who knew Bin Laden was reading Ad Bits!?  Well, I'm happy to be short one reader if it means he's a goner.

So May is starting off with a bang (if you will) and I have to say, the end of April was fantastic too!  The wedding I was in Saturday was perfect.  It rivaled Kate and William's if you ask me!  As an added bonus, I fit into my bridesmaid dress!  It was a photo finish, but that baby zipped in the end!  Here I am with Jim and the girls.  This is one of two family pictures we have taken since Adrienne was born.

Why are both my girls pointing at their right cheeks?  Are they pointing at their dimples?  Pondering something?  It's a mystery!
Here's to a magnificent May, full of woo-hoos my wonderful, peaceful, not-a-terrorist readers.  May your joy be contagious!


Fashion Mom said...

happy that bin laden is gone x

Carla said...

Hahaha! So glad you're back. And ... alive. : )

Nicki Woo said...

Love the picture. Was the other family pic taken at the other wedding? Or what about the Christmas tree getting day? Or how's about the pic on your Christmas card?

Jules. . .are you losing your memory?
I love you even when you have lost your memory. No worries.