Monday, May 23, 2011

Vaccums and Vampires

Every now and then my hand itches and when it does I always say, "My hand itches.  I must be coming into some money!"  But I never do.  Or, I didn't until today!  Long lost relatives, hold your ponies, don't hit me up for a loan quite yet.  It's only $296.  Apparently in 2006 we overpaid some insurance or some tax or something and they just let us know the money was going to go to the state treasury if we didn't collect it.  So I collected it.  I mean 296 bucks is 296 bucks!  Every penny of which will be spent on a new vacuum cleaner.  That sucks, right?  Heh heh.

I am determined to knit this summer and I think I found just the inspiration to get those needles moving.  My friend Margi is giving away a Vampire Knits book on her blog.  I shouldn't even be telling you about it because I want to win it, but I'm telling you anyway because I can't help myself and because it's the perfect segue into today's commercial.  Here's the link to her giveaway.  And here's the commercial.  Holla Twilight fans!


Anonymous said...

You're really cleaning up! : )

Nicki Woo said...


Fo shiz-ul, my niz-ul. Okay, why am I seriously sad for this vampire. Blue-gray pastey mess that he is. I mean really, Edward would not be caught 'dead' with that crazy yellow sweater. But still, he may not be attractive but he doesn't deserve to be treated that way. Pobrecito! Now, why do I feel the need to gooogle twilight pictures and continue my ultimate quest not to clean my house. wacky twilight fein that i am.