Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Utilikilt Me

Let me just start by saying my sister-in-law opened her mailbox to find it full of ants the other day.  I hate to beat a dead horse by explaining again why I won't get the mail, but let me just refer you to this post or this post.  The ant incident is just one more reason Jim will be getting the mail for the remainder of our marriage.

I may be totally unhip and lame, but I saw something in Seattle I was not familiar with.  Utilikilts.  Have you heard of this fashion phenom?  It's a kilt... but utilitier.  They have a belt, cargo pockets, and look heavier duty if you ask me.  Plus they come in colors and patterns that I think are more timeless and practical than say, your family's tartan.  (That's right, I just said army gray is more timeless than a bajillion year old red and black plaid pattern.)
If you have your druthers you might check out the tuxedo Utilikilt, which in my humble opinion, is a (unfashionable) women's skirt.  Sorry.  But it is.
Are you dying to get a peek at these things?  Here's the official (I think) website: http://www.utilikilts.com/  It's really funny.  I particularly liked the FAQ section.  Also, they have mockumercials on there, which you know I loved!  Here's one:


Renee said...

omg! OMG! Really? Did you see these about town in Seattle? (stunned) Very interesting yet I can't quite see your husband or mine in these. You also didn't mention that they start at over $200 and although I didn't check them all out, I did see the lovely tuxedo Utilikilt runs for a mere $750!! Wow!
I confess, I would consider it for myself. To not have to carry a purse and have a readily available place to stash cheap McDonald's toys and lip gloss.....saawweeeet! :D

Nicki Woo said...

Well, I might be going against the grain here, but after much research (ie. watching your video and going to the website) I think they are sexy. Not even kinda. Full out. I love seeing legs all muscley and stuff. And somehow the skirt effect does something that shorts just don't. Mind you, I still DO think they're weird. But if you have a guy who is weird and sexy, then I think these are for him. I'll ask Warwick if he's interested, and get back with you.

Jules said...

@Renee: I know! A little pricey, right? But SO multi-purpose! (Maybe not the tuxedo one, but the others). They're made right in Bill Gates' stomping grounds- I bet he has a closet full of them. Maybe we should all chip in on one and share it. It could be the Sisterhood of the Traveling Utilikilt!

@Nikki: There is something sexy about a man secure enough to wear one of these babies! You should absolutely get W one... I'm guessing most guys get them as gifts, learn the price, and then wear them out of sheer pricetag guilt. You should also get him a pair of the rope sandals they offer. I think they really complete the ensemble.