Friday, May 20, 2011

The End?

So what do you think guys?  End of the world tomorrow?  Or just another Saturday?  I vote for just another Saturday.  It is FINALLY getting sunny out around here and I have a hard time believing God would give us a little sun we've been just begging for and then end the world.  I'm being facetious of course, but really?  I have a feeling we'll all be back to work or blogging or whatever on Monday morning.  Just in case though, I think I'll not count calories today.  Or do housework.

Speaking of the end of the world, it would have been the end of this spider's world.  You know, if he was real.

And an obvious music video:


Nicki Woo said...

Okay. Maybe I'm a loser. This totes escaped me. Everyone is tweeting ridiculousness on the rapture. And I even told some random lady she better go get chips and salsa. You know, cause no one wants to meet the end of the world without a little picante sauce.

So now I'm perplexed. I was going to get up and clean, but maybe I should have a burger, fries and a shake followed by some whoopee instead. I don't know. what do you think?

Jules said...

Nicki, are you seriously asking me this? Even if tomorrow were not the end of the world I am ALWAYS going to vote for the greasy food and whoopee! Live it up girlie!
An aside: whoopee. Hee hee. Always reminds me of 1970s episodes of the Newlywed Game.